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When it comes to decorate home or office in a unique style, every beauty concern person should have to keep their steps in the handicraft designing sector. And in the world of handcraft designing, a trusted name is Stone of World. We, Stone of World, situated at udaipur city, udaipur-rajasthan, rajasthan, operates in the fields of interior designing with a talented team of designers. We have successfully conceptualized and completed the interior designs of numerous residential, commercial projects as well as architectural projects. We have completed some of the finest designs with the help of our renowned designers.

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3D Wall Dune Sand

3D Wall Dune Sand" typically refers to a specific type of wall panel or tile designed to create a three-dimensional texture resembling dunes or sand waves. These panels are often used for decorative purposes in interior spaces to add depth and visual interest to walls.

Interior Wall Curving

Now a days wall decorations are a feather of any well designed home, resort or office. Stone of World makes a quality range of beautiful wall decorations of any size and materials.

Our Services: Marble Crafting Designs

These design concepts demonstrate the versatility and artistic potential of working with natural stone materials like marble and limestone. Each design can bring a unique aesthetic and character to architectural and decorative projects.

Mural Design

A marble mural involves intricate artwork or imagery that is either carved, painted, or inlaid into a marble surface. Marble murals can depict scenes, landscapes, figures, or abstract compositions. This technique is commonly used for decorative wall panels, flooring, or large-scale installations.

Wave Design

A wave design in marble could refer to a flowing, undulating pattern carved or etched into the surface of the marble. This design might evoke the appearance of ocean waves or abstract wave-like forms. It can be used in various applications such as wall panels, flooring, or decorative accents.

Grooved Design

Grooved designs involve creating linear or textured indentations on the surface of the marble. These grooves can be simple straight lines or more complex patterns, adding depth and visual interest to the marble surface. Grooved designs are often used in architectural elements like columns, panels, or facades.

Lime Stone Flooring

Limestone Flooring: Limestone, a sedimentary rock, is commonly used for flooring due to its visual resemblance to marble. It can feature smooth or textured finishes, offering durability and imparting a natural, elegant aesthetic to interior and exterior spaces alike./p>

Project Gallery

Explore our Project Gallery showcasing a curated selection of exquisite marble crafting designs, from classical busts to modern geometric sculptures, each demonstrating the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of our creations.


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